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B2C Telemarketing

Are you thinking about attempting a business to consumer (B2C) campaign via UK call centres? Setting up your own call centres is not necessary to achieve your aims – North Star Direct can provide services in outsourcing call centres to make life much easier. You get all the call centre services you require at a fraction of the cost, and find experienced and knowledgeable employees to help you achieve your aims. Outsourcing call centres is much easier and more cost-effective than setting up your own, and we’ve got all the services you could want.

Setting targets and creating strategies

What do you want from your B2C campaign? When you set out to create a business to consumer telemarketing campaign, you must have firm goals you wish to achieve. North Star Direct specialises in creating specific plans for specific businesses. We work together with you to find the best solution and aims for your campaign. Our extensive experience in this field makes us the best choice for telemarketing campaigns designed to bring in more customers and sales. We have vast experience in providing UK call centres services for this purpose, so you can always be sure of getting the very best people for the task.

Contact us now to get your B2C plans rolling

We don’t just set up a telemarketing campaign for your business within minutes of you getting in touch. Our planning stage ensures everything is thought of and dealt with prior to the B2C campaign getting underway. We’ll work with you to look at market research, employee training and various other areas to ensure your campaign is a success.

Contact us today and find out how we can support you through the process of outsourcing call centres to achieve the results you want. Cost-effective, results driven and highly experienced solutions are available when you contact North Star Direct for the services you need and want.

Business To Consumer Telemarketing


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