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Call Centre Outsourcing

North Star Direct provides complete outsourcing solutions within the contact centre environment that give the client a bespoke, high quality, consumer focused, and proficient service.

In order to meet the ever altering demands of an exigent business environment there has been a constant struggle, but by ensuring your outsourced business is in safe hands you can significantly reduce risk and increase profitability.

Forging a smoother path in the call centre industry

We at North Star Direct have the experience and expertise in delivering multi-channel customer service solutions that consistently provide an excellent end-to-end experience for both the customer and the client. This coupled with our passion to deliver and exceed expectations gives us a unique multi-faceted approach to our business. The needs of the client, the expectations of the customer, and the education and well being of our employees is at the core of our strategy. Using this approach we can help you maximise your sales, decrease your spending, and provide incomparable customer service.

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North Star Direct is dedicated to delivering excellence. To reach the level of excellence we present Contact centre Solutions which are primarily created to cater the 24X7 service support to the customers. There are multiple call centre services in UK to ensure the smooth running of the entire system. The customers are free to contact us for any clarification, doubts or issues our team is well designed to execute all the issues and provide a subtle solution to the customer. In case of the minor and major issues the call centre should be contacted on immediate basis to avoid the delay in solution and confirm problem free working environment.

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